Vision Moon Lamps

Vision Moon Lamps are what we define as lamps with the shape of a very sparkling and magical moon. These lamps are carefully selected by us and hand-painted by our artists. Surely we all have dreams or visions of a space dimension that is not this world, or maybe a past life, or simply a role-playing of a mysterious character that we imagine… And we have been like that too. What we want is to bring those magical, dreamy, and mysterious things into the moon lamps, so that every night, before falling asleep, we can turn it on, with the desire to once again experience the excitement of those wonderful things. Maybe the present life is not as colorful and interesting as dreams and visions… but we hope that those who have a good life can continue that good life forever, and those who have not yet achieved that goodness will at least have beautiful dreams and sparkling visions for themselves, so that everyone can achieve a common meaning which is balance, because only inner balance brings true happiness to each person.