Detailed instructions on how to draw on rocks

Small stones and pebbles will become more beautiful when you put on a vivid color shirt. Let me show you how to create a unique stone painting work .

Instructions on how to:


Pebbles of various sizes.

Acrylic colors (bought at bookstores) – paint directly or add a little water for lighter colors.

Brushes (pens with small tips).


Wash the cobblestone, polish the stone with a brush.

Draw the main background color and then point the dot layers according to the texture.

Prepare to spray the ball to spray after finishing painting for a glossy, beautiful and durable color (may or may not be)

Finished drawing:

Let stand, do not touch the product after at least 30 minutes for the color to dry.

Wash the brush after use or it will be scratched.

Close the acrylic sealer tightly to avoid clumping.