How to paint wood slicing decorations in Nordic patterns


Have you saw those incredibly adorable wooden ornaments and questioned whether you could build them?

Good news: painting on wood slices is a simple and enjoyable DIY hobby for both adults and children.

The entire family can help you quickly produce a set of original St. Patrick's Day decorations.

These miniature wood slice ornaments come in handy for decorating trees, adding flair to gift boxes, and making meaningful homemade gifts.

I’m so excited to share this tutorial with you. I don’t even want to waste your time. Let’s get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit and create some cuteness today!

To make your own design, you need product catalogs.

  • A set of 3.1-3.5 Inches unfinished and predrilled wooden circles.It is a pack of 24 wood slices for ornaments, and if you don’t use all of them for making Christmas decorations, you can make other cute crafts with the leftover.
  • Acrylic polymerfor prime the surface of the wood pieces. This is optional. I was kind of lazy to prime my project, and they turned out fine without it. BUT if you want to save the ornaments and use them again and again, you might want to prime your wood slices.
  • Acrylic paintfor the red, green, or choice of your base color.
  • Carbon paperto transfer the patterns.
  • Permanent metallic markersin gold and silver.
  • Mod Podge.I decided to have a matte finish.
  • Brushes, pens, pencils, or chalk to transfer the pattern to the wood.
  • Jute twine to hang them on the Christmas tree.
Nordic wood slice ornament templates from my library.