Shipping Information

We are happy to provide our customers with great value and service.



We are proud to offer international shipping. However, there are some locations we cannot ship to. If you happen to be from one of those countries, we'll contact you.
Emerald Blossoms assumes no liability if an incorrect address is set during the checkout process. Please ensure that your billing and shipping addresses are correct before processing your order. If we make a mistake, we will be fully responsible for the original order made to you without charge.



Each item of us is handmade to order and it takes 2-3 business days from time of order to hand-painted your items. You then add the shipping time to estimate the date of delivery to your door. Complete orders will be paid for in advance before delivery.If there is a delay receiving payment due to authorization of credit cards etc, the order will not be processed.



Location   Shipping time
US  5 - 8 days
UK  10 - 12 days
EU  12 - 20 days
Australia and New Zealand  15 - 20 days
Rest of the World  15 - 25 days

We provide Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders.


Shipping Price

All orders from our store have a flat shipping fee of $5.95. This price is subsidized to ensure that all customers worldwide can purchase our products. The rate remains consistent across all regions globally. 

For orders valued over $100, we offer free shipping to allow customers to make purchases and enjoy more.

Tax & Duties

Depending on each country or region, taxes will be calculated for orders on Shopify. Customers will see the applicable purchase tax at the checkout page for each specific order.