10 Of The Best Hippie Songs

10 Of The Best Hippie Songs

Hippies were cool, calm, and fashionable – there weren’t just people, they were a lifestyle, a mindset. They had a strong presence and served as influencers during the 1960s and 1970s and left a strong mark on the music industry. A lot of songs pay tribute to this way of living.
Musical artists have also dressed up in hippie fashion to appeal to a larger audience. In a way, this ideology is both fun and has a purpose. This movement made their era very colorful and note-worthy.
This blog has compiled twenty of the best hippie songs available. Relive the flower power era with these tunes.

1. “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Bob Dylan

In 1962 Bob Dylan wrote this track. The lyrics of the song have lines questioning social issues. The main concerns were freedom, war, and peace. It was directly related to the things related to the Vietnam War. The singer believes that an appropriate solution is possible. However, no one is determined to find it.

2. “Feeling Groovy” by Simon and Garfunkel

This song is a reflection of everyday life. People are too busy to accomplish what they think must be done. You have to keep doing the same things over and over again and it becomes stressful and can lead to unhappiness. This track reminds its listeners to take things slow. Everyone should take the time to enjoy simple things. Appreciate the flowers, feel the mind, and be thankful for your surroundings.

3. “Imagine” by John Lennon

This mellow song is in sync with the ideals hippies have. It is about living in a world where there is everlasting peace. The tune longs for a time and place where there is no war and suffering. Living in such a world is wonderful and even to date, many are trying to achieve it through advocacy.


4. “Knights In White Satin” by Moody Blues

Hippies are usually young people in their twenties. They have so many things to learn and experience. The lyrics tell a narrative about a person in a relationship that goes downhill. There is a feeling of desperation and frustration in the words of the song. The song expresses all the feelings that people on the road towards maturity usually go through.

5. “Light My Fire” by The Doors

This song uses a lot of metaphors, leaving it open to interpretation. It can be viewed as a high yearning for physical intimacy. Or it can the euphoric feeling through the use of substances. These activities were liberally experimented on by hippies. Some may not approve of these practices but you can charge this one to experience. As it is always said, experience is the best teacher.

6. “Heart Of Gold” by Neil Young

This rock and roll tune talks about an individual in search of kindness. The lyrics imply that the persona involved is trying hard to find genuine people with sincere hearts. Based on the song’s construction, it seems that there isn’t much success yet. However, he remains hopeful for things to get better.

7. “Going Up The Country” by Canned Heat

Hippies love the calm that comes from nature. Since they are advocates of peace, these individuals prefer a quiet life. This song captured this preference and became popular among the group. The refreshing nature theme of this tune is truly notable. Who could resist a very relaxing song?

8. “Special Rider Blues” by Insect Trust

This jazz-rock tune has a tinge of psychedelic genre. The combination of the vocals and guitar accompaniment gives this song a unique charm. It also has many sounds from different string instruments giving it a distinct vibe.

9. “California Dreamin” by Mamas and the Papas

This folk-rock song features a lot of harmonious melodies. It is very relaxed and has references to nature – basically in sync with the hippie’s love for the environment. This song was received well and even peaked at number 4 in the Billboard’s Hot Top 100 charts.

10. “For What It’s Worth 1967” by Buffalo Springfield

The Vietnam War is a controversial topic and is often referenced in the ideals of hippies. This song is one of the numerous tracks challenging the significance of the war. It is considered a protest song because not only did it talk about the prohibition of anti-war gatherings, it also referenced youth gatherings. Freedom has a special significance for youngsters and this song gives words to those feelings.

Listen and feel the beautiful melody of hippie songs. Hope this blog has helped you better understand hippies and love their music!

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