5 Unique flower pot decoration ideas

Flower pots are a perfect way to decorate, enliven and highlight a corner of your room. The presence of a potted plant will surprise you with its effect on you. But instead of keeping them in clay form, we show you a few creations we can apply to these flower pots.

1. Paint part of the flower pot white

Modern and chic, that's what we can see when we paint part of the flower pot with white. It contrasts well with the green of the leaves. This type of pot is suitable for growing cacti or small ornamental plants.

2. Decorate the vase by drawing flowers

  Use your spare time to draw on potted plants. This is also a very good solution to relieve stress and relax after a long day at work. Draw your favorite small flowers. You see, the potted plants look a lot more eye-catching than the clay color, don't they?

3. Combination of bright and colorful tones

This is a really great combination! Sparkling, bright colors will beautify and highlight any window, table, or decorative shelf in your home.

4. Black and creativity

Paint the top of the pot black for accents and show off your creativity by painting on it what you like, but keep it simple!

5. Decorate the pot mouth

You can choose a color you like best, then decorate the mouth of the pot with colors that contrast with the general tone. Your potted plants will be much more attractive than usual.

Above are 5 ways to decorate pots that we suggest for you. Hope you will be satisfied with your own artwork.